ORGANIC BIOMIN is protein hydrolystaes based Plant Growth and yield promoter derivedfrom soyabean and cereal proteins. The product is fortified with organic nutrients and essential plant growth ingredients.

Mode of Action:

Amino acid contents of Biomin perform characteristic roles in the cropphysiology either individually or in complementary to one another or in groups.Bio availability of Amino Acids to the crops are at its maximum level and have excellent rate of assimilation when applied as foliar spray as well as soil/basaltop dressing. Biomin play important role and induces almost all type of metabolic activities like germination, growth & development, flowering, fruitsetting, fruit ripening and food quality of farm produces.


• Optimizes the yield from 10-25%.
• Activates root zone of crops for better absorption of soil nutrients.
• Induces flowering and reduces flower drop.
• Increases number of fruit setting and reduces fruit drops.
• Improves nutritional values, color, aroma and taste.
• Better shelf life and storage of farm produces.
• Useful in all agro-climatic zones.
• Ecofriendly and organic in nature.
• Excellent growth promoter in all respects.

Direction for Use:

Soil Application:

Use 5-10 kgs Biomin-G per acre of crop. Biomin-G can beapplied with any organic or chemical fertilizers like FYM, Vermicompost, Urea, DAP or any other fertilizers. It can also be mixed while last plough at the time ofseed sowing. For better results apply Biomin-G after 7-10 days of germination/transplanting and till 45 days of sowing in annual filed crops. However, in orchards or perennial crops it can be applied through out the year; preferably two times, first dose during spring season and second dose during autumn seasons.Foliar/Drip application:Mix 3-5 ml of Biomin Liquid per liter of water and spray properly on the standing crop. The above said quantity can be applied through drip irrigation also.


  • Biomin-G granules are available in 5 kgs inner bags packed in outer bags.
  • Biomin Liquid is available in 250 ml, 1 Ltr., 5 Ltrs. & 10 Ltrs. HDPE    bottles/jars packed in outer corrugated boxes.
    Note :
    i. For better results spraying should be done at early morning or late evening.
    ii. Besides above formulation common to all crops, “CROP SPECIAL” formulations e.g. ‘Cotton Special’, ‘Pulses Special’, ‘Orchard Special’, ‘Flowers Special’ etc. are also available for the benefit of farming community.