ORGANIC MIX POSHAN is granular formulation containing bio available Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Managanese, Ferrous, Copper, Boron in the form of Gluconate-Lactate. It is manufactured though biotechnology process(Fermentation route) with the help of microorganisms. Hind Organic-Mix Poshan, being organic compound, is havingmore bio availability to the plantsystem, thus can be easily absorbed by all crops/plants. Hind Organic Mix Poshanmainly addresses nutritional deficiencies and can be used assupplement/substitute for chemical/inorganic fertilizers.


Calcium Gluconate-Lactate- 3%
Magnesium Gluconate-Lactate-3%
Mixture of Gluconate-Lactate Salts of K, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu & B-4%

Direction for Use:

  • Use 10-15 kgs Hind Organic-Mix Poshan granules (doses may vary  depending on crop requirements) per acre of crop for top dressing  or basal application into the soil.
  • It can also be mixed into soil at the time of seed sowing or  transplantation during last plough.
  • For better results apply Hind Organic Mix Poshan after 7-10 days of  germination/transplanting and till 60 days of sowing in annual  field crops. However, in orchards or perennial crops, it can be  applied through out the year but preferably in staring of spring and  autumn seasons is recommended.

Handling and storage:

Hind Organic Mix Poshan can be applied with any organic or chemical fertilizers like FYM, Vermicompost, Urea, DAP or any other fertilizers. Keep in cool and dry places away from direct sunlight and heat to avoid any kind of nutritional losses.


Hind Organic Mix Poshan is available in 5 kg. & 10 Kg. HDPE bags.