Organic Pushtivardhan – VAM is a biofertilizer which helpsin mobilizing major nutrients like, nitrogen, phosphorusand potassium and also certain micronutrients like zinc,calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese. Mycorrhizal inoculation enhances water absorption, storage and movement back into plants resulting increased planttolerance to drought. It also produces specific antibiotics,which immobilize and kill soil borne pathogens.

Mode of Action:

The network of fungal filaments established simultaneously inside the roots and the surrounding rhizosphere soil to which the root system has access.Water and minerals from the soil become easily available resulting in a better nutritive equilibrium and increase inplant resistance to environmental stress such as drought, chilling and the detrimental effect fo some root pathogens.


Organic Pushtivardhan nourishes the roots of various agriculture crops like Wheat, Rice Groundnut, Vegetables Crops like Onion, Garlic Chillies, Carrot etc. and forest & Plantation crops like teak, Eucalyptus, Tea, Coffee, Sugarcane etc. and Fruit crops like Banana, Strawberry, Mango etc.


  1. For 1 hectare, mix 5.0 kg. of Hind Pushtivardhan with 1000 kg. of organic manure, vermicompost or any other bio-inputs and broadcast with in 1 inch of the  roots of the plants.
  2. For horticultural crops and plantation trees apply 25 gms. per plant.
  3. It can be also be applied at the time of field preparation by broadcasting.


• It makes unavailable phosphorus  present in atmosphere and soil,  available to the plant.
• Enhances plant growth, improves  crop yield and increases income to  the farmer.
• Improves plant resistance to drought.
• Improves plant resistance to various  root diseases & contribute to better  rooting system.
• Reduces chemical fertilizer usage.
• Increases uptake of micro nutrients.
• Withstand extreme conditions of  toxicity.


Store product in cool dry place after application of Biofertilizer.


250 gms., 500 gms. and 1 kg. poly bags kept in an outer corrugated box.