ORGANIC RHIZO sp. is the symbiotic nitrogen fixer which assimilates atmospheric nitrogen and fixes in the root nodule, formed inthe roots of leguminous plants.

Active ingredient:

Rhizobium species – 2×109/gm c.f.u.


Ground nut, Black gram, Green gram, Red gram, Cow pea, Bengal gram, Mustard, Soy bean, French bean, Cluster bean, Lab-Lab, Sesbania sp, leguminous trees etc.


  • Nitrogen fixation in the root & Stem nodules through the action of  nitrogenase enzyme.
  • It adheres on the surface of root and enters through the root hair.
  • The enzyme will reduce the molecular nitrogen to ammonia which is  readily utilized by the plant.
  • Rhizobium can fix 50-200 kgs Nitrogen per hectare in one crop season  and can leave behind substatial quantities about 20-30 kgs Nitrogen  per hectare for the succeeding crops.
  • It can increase yield up  to 10-30%
  • Due to rhizobial activities, the root hairs and nodules secrete a  mucous substance which enhances the soil fertility and growth of the  plant.
  • By means of seed treatment, the germination of seeds gets stimulated  and in turn increase crops yield potential.

Dosages & Method of Application:

Seed Treatment :

Mix 200 gms. of Hind Organic Rhizo with the seedrequired for one acre followed by mixing with 5 % molten jaggary wateror 200 ml. of ‘Rice Kanji’. Dry in shade for 30 minutes & sow the driedseeds after 24 hours.Seedling/setts/rhizome Treatment : Mix 1 kg. of Hind Organic Rhizo in50 litrs. of water in a container & dip the seedlings/setts/rhizomes for 15-20 minutes before transplanting.

Soil Treatment :

Mix 5-10 kg. of Hind Organic Rhizo with 50 kg.FYM/vermicompost/compost/soil. Keep this mixture in shade for 3-5 days maintaining moisture. Broadcast in one acre at the time of sowing.


Hind Organic Rhizo is available in compositeculture and also as individual culture for different crops of pulses.

Eco Safety:

HIND ORGANIC RHIZO is non toxic to humans, animals and all other organisms. It does not lead to any phytotoxicity andresidual problem in soil as well as environment


Do not mix HIND ORGANIC RHIZO with chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Use double doses when seeds have been treated with chemicals before . Keep product in cool and dry place, away from heatand direct sunlight. Packet once opened, should be used immediately.