Tissue cultured teak plants:-

General Information :

Teak is one of the most valued timbers of the world. Its timber qualities include attractiveness in colour and grain, durability, lightness, strength and ease of working and carving, resistance to termite and fungus and weathering.

Hind plantation.comWhy Tissue Cultured Raised Teak- Gold plus?

  • Plants raised from the superior mother plant.
  • Genetically uniform plants.
  • Disease free planting material.
  • Uniform growth and development
  • Harvesting can be done at the same time

The Growth Comparison of Teak Raised by Tissue Culture and Conventional Methods

Year Growth Parameters Teak TC raised Teak
5 Height (m) 4-5 6-7
Girth (cm) 15-20 25-30
10 Height (m) 7-8 9-11
Diameter (cm) 30-35 40-45

Mode of Application / Agronomy

Soil : All Types of soil without water logging is suitable for cultivating Teak

Climate : The optimum range of temperature is 28 degree C to 30 degree C. Dry weather after monsoon.

Season Of Planting : Preferable in July to September. However, can be planted anytime except very high and low temperature

Spacing : The planting distance for monoculture system is 2m x 2m, while for intercropping, it is 3m x 6m

Days to flowering : 90 days to 110 days

Harvesting : Tissue cultured raised plants which, are able to be harvested quicker (15 to 20 years) with the acceptable wood quality ate national and international markets.

Yield : At the best we may expect a tree to produce a maximum of 238 m3 of timber from 350 trees in 15 years under best conditions of intensive management.