sandalWhite Sandal Wood The inquiry emerges – why would it be a good idea for us to plant sandalwood? The answer, White sandalwood and its items have the finest of scent, one that goes on for a considerable length of time. The interest for srigandha is expanding amongst our customers’ ordinary. Since there is shortage and businesses are influenced, we utilize substitutes like Indian sandalwood that is obtained from various nations. Sandalwood (Chandan) and its items are utilized broadly from birth to incineration furthermore in sanctuaries and in prasadam. The oil of the wood is utilized for differed applications in light of its one of a kind compound and physical properties. Further, it has picked up an extraordinary spot in fragrance based treatment, perfumery, agarbatti cleansers and cleansers, pharmaceutical, restorative and associated commercial enterprises.

Santalum Album Line (Sandalwood) is normally known as Chandan or Srigandha. Actually developed shoe wood can be found in the conditions of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, U.P and Manipur. Chandan is an understood as East Indian wood and it is valued high for its oil and heart wood over the world. These woods are utilized as restorative specialists on a huge scale in the production of ayurvedic solutions.

Aside from this, these woods are perceived by the National Medicinal Plant Board, and Govt. of India as a therapeutic and fragrant plant. In addition, there are changed sorts of species as well and the best assortment known as of recently is (Santalum Album line). It achieves a tallness of 12 to 15 meters and circumference of 100 to 200 cms. It is a semi-root parasite plant found in relationship with other plant.

Be that as it may, the majority of the above plants are not exactly focused like the Indian Sandalwood and the Indian Sandalwood Chandan is in two distinctive hues, White and Red.

We are affianced in offering White Sandal Tree Seeds that are esteemed for their aroma. These are developed by our merchants under the most positive conditions. Shoe wood is the second most costly wood on the planet, beside the African Blackwood. These seeds are profoundly requested in the business sector for their high properties and ideal therapeutic worth. Our clients can buy these Sandal seeds at sensible expenses.

Santalum collection or Indian sandalwood is a little tropical tree, the most ordinarily known wellspring of sandalwood. This species has been used, developed and exchanged for a long time, some societies putting awesome essentialness on its fragrant and therapeutic qualities. Thus it has been broadly misused, to the point where the wild populace is powerless against eradication. Despite everything it orders high costs for its fundamental oil, however because of absence of sizable trees it is no more utilized for fine carpentry as some time recently. The plant is generally developed and seemingly perpetual, despite the fact that reap is reasonable following 40 years.

The stature of the evergreen tree is somewhere around 4 and 9 meters. They may live to one hundred years old. The tree is variable in propensity, normally upright to sprawling, and may interlace with different species. The plant parasitizes the foundations of other tree species, with a haustorium adjustment all alone roots, however without real weakness to its hosts. An individual will shape a non-commit association with various different plants.


The use of sandal in India is noted in literature for over two thousand years. It has use as wood and oil in religious practices. It also features as a construction material in temples and elsewhere. The Indian government has banned the export of the species to reduce the threat by over-harvesting. In the southern Indian state of Karnataka, all trees of greater than a specified girth are the property of the state. Cutting of trees, even on private property, is regulated by the Forest Department. The infamous forest bandit Veerappan was involved in the illegal felling of sandalwood trees from forests.