Chausa is an assortment of mango. Chaunsa is primarily delivered in Mirpur Khas Sindh and Multan, Sahiwal Punjab in Pakistan. This assortment of mango was initially made famous by Sher Shah Suri all through the subcontinent. While celebrating his triumph over Humayun at Chausa, he gave his most loved mango the name Chaunsa.

Chaunsa mango has a brilliant yellow shading when ready. It is delicate, verging on fibreless and has a sweet-smelling charming sweet flavor. The exceptional taste and lavishness in its flavor makes it an overall top pick. Chaunsa is usually called the “Lord of Mangoes”. General it is viewed as the best mango as far as its rich smell, sweet taste, delicious mash and high nutritious quality.

The season for Chaunsa in Pakistan regularly begins toward the start of June, and closures in the third week of August. Because of interest, it is vigorously traded to the Middle East, Europe, and most as of late to the USA.There are three known sorts of Chaunsa mangoes: Honey Chaunsa, Sweet Chaunsa, and White Chaunsa. White Chaunsa is viewed as best for fare because of its more drawn out time span of usability.

Mango trees are for the most part enduring evergreen trees that may accomplish a stature of 50 ft and additionally expansiveness of 30 feet. It will develop in the evergreen tree of moderate to enormous size having a symmetrical top. It blossoms inside panicles 10 to 12 inches in all out length. The blossom is bisexual alongside female and male blooms inside the indistinguishable blossom panicle. The natural product contrasts in measurements and it has a plump mash. The skin is calfskin like and also varies in shading from yellow-hued green to red. The seed can be found amidst the natural product. The foliage is pink, golden, or even light green-hued at whatever point more youthful and transform into dull green at development.

It grows absolute best in appropriately depleted sandy slackened soil having a pH in the middle of 5.5 y 7.5, in the dry extraordinary atmosphere alongside precipitation in the middle of 200 y 2,500 mm every year. It obliges 2 to 3 months of the drought to fortify blossoming. The perfect air temperatures are in the middle of 23.7 y 26.6 ° C.

The organic product, that is a plump drupe, is kidney-molded or even oval, from 3″ to 6″in size; greenish, yellow-shaded, or even ruddy in shading and comprises of a sizable compacted stone.