Poplar Plants:-

Different types of Poplar trees are the fastest growing and most attractive shade trees you can find. Showcasing three varieties to choose from; Hybrid Poplar, Tulip Poplar and the Lombardy.

Everyone loves to use our Poplars as front yard shade trees. They quickly get that established look that can add thousands to the value of their homes. Poplar Plants have a pleasing oval shape that complements any property.

You can plant these Poplars where ever you need fast shade or privacy. They’ve been known to grow up to 8 ft. in a single year and can dramatically cool your home in the summer. In the winter, they drop their dense green foliage, letting through sunlight when it’s needed most.

Due to the tree’s height of 40-50 ft. you can strategically plant them to block your house from direct sunlight, lowering your air conditioning costs.

Beware – not all Hybrid Poplars are the same. Ours is bred for landscape purposes, not timber. This means you get a better formed, long-lived tree.

The Builders who normally buy these Hybrid Poplars have stopped building. So now we’re left with thousands of them. We can see them growing bigger and bigger each day. Soon they’ll be too large to ship.

That’s why we’re discounting them by as much as 50%. Now you can easily afford to increase your property value and add shade to your yard.

Tulip Poplar

Picture this: You leave for work one day in the spring and notice 3-4 flowers on your tree. You come home that evening and your whole tree is smothered in thousands of blooms. The Tulip Poplar is known to surprise!

During the summer you get a fast growing, well-formed green shade tree.

In the fall while other trees are turning brown, your Tulip Poplar leaves turn from green to bright yellow.

A great tree for all seasons and one of our best sellers.

The Tulip-looking flowers give you a delightful fragrance of nectar that you’ll enjoy all spring long. This nectar even attracts birds – including ruby-throated hummingbirds, cardinals and finches – and other small wildlife. It is the perfect tree for wildlife lovers!

The Tulip Poplar is highly resistant to diseases and insects, making this a healthy tree that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

It is also very easy to grow and thrives in almost all areas! Highly adaptable to a variety of soils – even grows in wet soil!

In open areas, the Tulip Poplar usually grows into a majestic cone shape, making it an attractive front yard tree that will increase your home’s value.

Tulip Poplars thrive throughout the United States, in a broad variety of climates, and temperature extremes.

Plant yours and start looking forward to the change of seasons.

Lombardy Poplar

Often used as a windscreen with its branches creating a dense barrier. It shoots up to 6 ft. or more a year!

Valued for its fast growth habits and picturesque green color, Lombardy Poplars mature quickly into a row of tall, visually pleasing trees.

Plant today and in no time you’ll enjoy watching the silver green leaves and unusual branches swaying in the breeze. When planted on the north side of your yard, you should expect lower heating bills!

Songbirds love to nest in these fabulous trees because of their unusual branches.

For a quick privacy screen, order enough to plant 5 to 8 ft. apart. Lombardy Poplar trees are not evergreens, but they continue to provide great wind blockage and privacy.